Welcome to Bible in a Year, Week 1



Welcome to your first week of this journey through Scripture.  Each week, you’ll see several pieces of info, taken straight from the plan provided on involvechurch.com:w8qqn1pmqh0-ben-white

  1. The Place in the Story.  Thiswill give you an idea of the major focus of this section of Scripture.  Typically, you’ll hear references to this events in church and Bible studies.  This week, we will cover “Creation and Fall” and “God’s Covenant with Abraham.”
  2. Videos.  There are two types of videos: 1) those covering the actual passage of Scripture you are about to read over the week (or coming weeks if the book is longer) and 2) themed videos which deal with a broader biblical theme.  Typically, there is a connection between the the passage that will be read and the themed video.  If there are several videos, they don’t all have to be viewed on the same day, but it is recommended you view the book videos before the reading (for example, watch Genesis 1-11 video before reading Genesis 1).
  3. This Week’s Reading.  These are the passages you’ll be reading this week.  Read these after viewing the videos.

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Welcome to Bible in a Year, Week 1