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Overview of the Opportunity

This post follows an announcement made in yesterday’s worship service that was accompanied by a handout which can be found here.

Since Involve started, several people have asked the question: “Is Involve looking to buy a building?”  Our answer has been simple.  We see a building as a tool for discipleship and if owning a building helps us disciple people better, than yes!  We would consider buying a building.  We want to be defined by our mission and not our building.  Our mission is to Involve people in an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.  Whether we are in a mobile church setting or a permanent facility, we want to maintain our focus and stay the course.  It’s about discipleship at Involve and you all have helped make that possible. Continue reading “Involve Training Center”

Involve Training Center

Coming Together


The church body was designed by God to accomplish several jobs.  Together, we worship the one true God, we work side by side to share the good news across the world, and we wear each others triumphs, burdens, and trials as a way of encouragement for one another.  Our church has experienced a heavy burden with the loss of Mason Cunningham.  We are experiencing this burden together with the Cunninghams.  Our hearts go out to the family as they grieve the loss of their little boy.

If you are unaware of the situation, Mason, who is about 18 months old, passed away suddenly, this week.  Mason, who was just enjoying life outside Tuesday evening, got too close to the creek behind the house. In a very short time, he fell in.  The family searched long and hard, joined by a team of professionals from the Nampa/Caldwell area.  Unfortunately, they were not able to recover Mason until the next morning.

Both Wade and Kristina are hurting greatly.  I’ve watched them parent Mason and can say with confidence, that they have done a fantastic job of being attentive to his needs.  This is one of those times, when, as a parent, you think everything is safe and somehow, in a very short time, a little one gets away.  They did everything humanly possible to retrieve Mason.

We are a church family.  We rejoice together, we cry together, and right now we are crying.

We are a church family.  We rejoice together, we cry together, and right now we are crying.  We hurt for the Cunninghams, but we will walk this road together with them.  Already, you, the church, have shown them so much love.  Keep it up!  They need us.  They need Christ.  That’s what we do, we Involve people in the life of Christ.  Together, we are the body of Christ. Together, we live for Christ.  Together, we bear each other’s burdens for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ.

There is a memorial service planned for Mason this Saturday, August 5th at 10:30 a.m.  It will be held at Meridian First Baptist Church.   428 W Pine Ave, Meridian, ID 83642

Involved In Christ,

Pastor Ryan

Coming Together

5 Principles in Understanding Old Testament Narratives


Adam and Eve cast out of Garden of Eden - Bible

So…you decided to read through the Bible this year.  Maybe it’s your first time, or maybe you’re an old pro, either way, when you’re reading narratives, like most of the book of Genesis, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, what is a narrative?  Simply put, a narrative is a story.  It tells the about an event, giving details such as the background, main character involved, and life lessons.  There is a plot with an introduction and some sort of conclusion at the end.  

Over the years I’ve made mistakes in understanding narratives.  I’ve jumped to conclusions, wondered why God would allow certain things to happen, and questioned the integrity of certain God followers in the Bible.  As time went on, I realized I wasn’t understanding the biblical narratives correctly.  So I thought if this is something I have struggled with, maybe I should pass on some basic principles for interpreting narrative passages.  Here are five principles from Mel Lawrence in his blog on “How Should We Understand the Stories of the Old Testament?”  You can find the original post here. Continue reading “5 Principles in Understanding Old Testament Narratives”

5 Principles in Understanding Old Testament Narratives

Something Worth Fighting For

relationshipWalking around the stores this time of year with children, can be risky business. We all know the marketing ploy to purposely put toys and candy out to catch kids attention. I’ve been fortunate enough to have children who do not cause too big of a scene when they hear the word NO. I’ve also been in the store when a child doesn’t get his or her way and wants to let the WHOLE world know about it. They’ll fight, yell, and lay on the ground kicking and screaming all because of a plastic toy. While I sit back and think of how dreaded that moment must be for a parent, I’m also left wondering, could I have some of that kind of passion for the things I find precious? Not the material possessions of the world…that would just be embarrassing, but what if I put that kind of energy into fighting for my relationship with God? Continue reading “Something Worth Fighting For”

Something Worth Fighting For