Bible in a Year, Week 8

Welcome to Week 8!

It seems appropriate that we are moving into Deuteronomy soon, where we are exhorted to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength” as we just celebrated Valentine’s Day.  As a reminder – if you have questions, feel free to reach out by emailing or messaging a pastor on Facebook.


The Place in the Story

This week, we finish Numbers (Israel in the Wilderness) and move into the last book of the Torah – Deuteronomy.  This is when Moses reiterates the Law to a new generation that is about to enter the Promised Land that was foretold so long ago to Abraham.  The nation of Israel is still in the wilderness for the duration of Deuteronomy, but when we hit Joshua, we will enter into the Promised Land and the story begins to shift.  To find out more about Deuteronomy – watch the video below.  Also, take a moment to review the concept of “Covenants” in the themed video before starting your trek through Deuteronomy.



The Covenants

The Law

This Week’s Reading

  • February 19:  Numbers 31-32, Psalm 50
  • February 20:  Numbers 33-34, Psalm 51
  • February 21:  Numbers 35-36, Psalm 52
  • February 22:  Deuteronomy 1-3, Psalm 53
  • February 23:  Deuteronomy 4-6, Psalm 54
  • February 24:  Deuteronomy 7-9, Psalm 55
  • February 25:  Deuteronomy 10-12, Psalm 56

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Bible in a Year, Week 8

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