Bible in a Year, Week 7

Welcome to Week 7!



Welcome to February!  As a reminder – if you have questions, feel free to reach out by emailing or messaging a pastor on Facebook.

The Place in the Story

This week, we continue in “Numbers,” though it would be better to be named “In the Wilderness,” since this documents Israel’s reasons for not crossing into the Promised Land and they end up wandering through the wilderness for 40 years.  We continue to see how Israel struggles to trust God through the book of Numbers – something we struggle with even today.




Themed Video on Holiness

This Week’s Reading

  • February 12:  Numbers 11-13, Psalm 43
  • February 13:  Numbers 14-16, Psalm 44
  • February 14:  Numbers 17-18, Psalm 45
  • February 15:  Numbers 19-21, Psalm 47
  • February 16:  Numbers 22-24, Psalm 48
  • February 17:  Numbers 25-27, Psalm 49
  • February 18:  Numbers 28-30, Psalm 50

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Bible in a Year, Week 7

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