Bible in a Year, Week 5

Welcome to Week 5!


Welcome to February!  As a reminder – if you have questions, feel free to reach out by emailing or messaging a pastor on Facebook.

The Place in the Story

We are moving into the book that details the worship system of the Israelites – Leviticus.  The sacrificial system was the means by which the Israelites were able to be in relationship with God.




This Week’s Reading

  • January 29:  Exodus 35-40 (skim), Psalm 29
  • January 30:  Leviticus 1-4, Psalm 30
  • January 31:   Leviticus 5-7, Psalm 31
  • February 1:   Leviticus 8-10, Psalm 32
  • February 2:  Leviticus 11-13, Psalm 33
  • February 3:  Leviticus 14-15, Psalm 34
  • February 4:  Leviticus 16-18, Psalm 35
  • February 5:  Leviticus 19-20, Psalm 36

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Bible in a Year, Week 5

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