Bible in a Year, Week 4

Welcome to Week 4!



At the end of this week, you’ll be almost 1/12th through reading through the Bible in a Year.  Congratulations!  As a reminder – feel free to reach out by emailing or messaging a pastor on Facebook.

The Place in the Story

We are continuing to read through the story of how God brought Israel out of bondage in the land of Egypt.  This story is known as the “Exodus.”



Exodus, Chapters 19-40


Check out this themed video on “The Law,” a key concept in Exodus.

Here’s another themed video on “Heaven & Earth,” which will help understand some of what is happening in regards to the Tabernacle (aka the Tent of Meeting) described in Exodus.

This Week’s Reading

  • January 22:  Exodus 16-18, Psalm 22
  • January 23:  Exodus 19-21, Psalm 23
  • January 24:  Exodus 22-24, Psalm 24
  • January 25:  Exodus 25-27, Psalm 25
  • January 26:  Exodus 28-29, Psalm 26
  • January 27:  Exodus 30-31, Psalm 27
  • January 28:  Exodus 32-34, Psalm 28
  • January 29:  Exodus 35-40 (skim), Psalm 29

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Bible in a Year, Week 4

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