Bible in a Year, Week 2

pxm-tud61vy-aaron-burdenWelcome to Week 2!

Welcome to your week 2!  At this point, you may have some questions about what you are reading.  That’s ok.  Feel free to reach out by emailing or messaging a pastor on Facebook.

A quick tip:  a lot of people start falling behind in the second or third week.  This is normal.  If you miss a few days, that’s ok.  Rather than spending several hours to catch up in one day, just fast-forward to the current day.  You can go back later to catch up when you have some more time, either on a weekend or a couple days off.  Or, you can add a chapter or two to each day’s reading to get back on track.

Lastly – don’t miss out on reading the Psalms.  These are, for many, more easy to identify with than any other parts of Scripture because they are prayers (set to song in their day) written out of a specific life circumstance.  Many find comfort in reading them because they help in expressing sorrow, joy, wonder, and many more emotions in a healthy way to God.

With all that said, here’s your reading for Week 2 of a “year in the bible”…

The Place in the Story

This week we are spending time “God’s Covenant with Abraham.”  Make sure to take a look at the themed video below on “Covenants”.  It will help you gain a better understanding of what’s going on through this week’s reading.


“Genesis 12-50”

Themed Video:  “The Covenants”

This Week’s Reading

  • January 7:  Genesis 22-24, Psalm 7
  • January 8:  Genesis 25-28, Psalm 8
  • January 9:  Genesis  29-31, Psalm 9
  • January 10:  Genesis  32-34, Psalm 10
  • January 11:  Genesis  35-37, Psalm 11
  • January 12:  Genesis  38-40, Psalm 12
  • January 13:  Genesis  41-42, Psalm 13
  • January 14:  Genesis  43-45, Psalm 14
Bible in a Year, Week 2

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