November/December 2015 Update


We want to thank everyone in our extended network for their prayers and support as we have continued to move forward with the new church.  It is still in its “infancy” stage, but has certainly experienced growth, as infants do.  At Involve Church, we continue to learn how to work together and are praying about how we can quickly and effectively move new attenders into a role in which they can be “involved.”  We are trying to keep several things in mind as we integrate new people into the life of the church:

  • We want them to be involved in a role about which they are passionate.
  • We want them to be involved in a role for which God has skilled and gifted them.
  • We have certain areas where the need is greater than others (we have eight children in our nursery alone and are adding four more as new life enters the world!).

As we are moving forward, we want to be faithful in helping each other to use the gifts that differ according to the grace given to each of us (Romans 12:6).  We average around 7 new faces every Sunday – our heart’s desire is to see God working to transform each individual by the power of the Gospel.

Items for Praise:

  • We had nearly 30 people sign up for and attend Rake-Up Nampa 2015.  We were able to serve 4 households in need in the Nampa area.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this event.
  • We had our first “Involve Church 101” on November 15.  We had several families attend.  We look forward to having this as a quarterly event to help people get more involved in the church and take the next steps toward membership.
  • God continues to bless with new couples and families every Sunday.

Items for Prayer:

  • We had our first membership class (Involve Church 101) coming up on November 15th (less than a week).  Please pray that many would attend and find out more about what it means to be a part of Involve Church.
  • We have a few services over the Holiday Season.  These are somewhat used for outreach, so please be praying that the Holy Spirit would work in hearts now, preparing people to hear the Gospel message.
  • We have many new people – be praying that we would have great wisdom in how we communicate and practically live out the fact that every individual matters to God.

Click here for a list of upcoming events at Involve Church.

November/December 2015 Update

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