September & October Update

The recent months have been full of a lot of ministry!  The new church launched on September 13, 2015.  12038678_414605728727658_2286549008327004777_oWe had over 120 people in attendance that day and were grateful to God see a full room of people ready to worship with us.  Since then, we have had several
new families in attendance each Sunday, many of whom have appear to be a regular part of Involve Church.

Our Life Groups ministry have been doing well.  Of our original Launch Team, we have over 90% of the people regularly attending Life Groups.  Additionally, there were other people that were not a part of our original Launch Team who have joined our Life Groups in August.  We are beginning a new 8-week session this week.  Some Life Groups are already underway and we are prayerfully hoping to see genuine life transformation as a result of these groups.

We have many people involved in various ministries throughout the church.  Our kids ministry, called “Involve Kids,” has over 30 children hearing the Gospel weekly.  We also have three other main ministries that function in vital roles within the church:  our tech team, our11208653_10152962919001793_4367322815556721433_n outreach team, and our first impressions team.  Each one helps to communicate the message that God loves people enough to have sent His only Son to die for them.  We are so appreciative of them!

This newsletter will serve to highlight continued prayer requests and also upcoming events in the life of Involve Church which may interest you.  Thank you all for your prayers as we continue to focus on reaching those who are far from God with the message of hope in Christ.  Click here for upcoming events at Involve Church.

September & October Update

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