Our Core Values

img-core-valuesCore Values are as unique as the church that wrote them.  Every local church has its own thumbprint.  Each has a specific set of priorities to which God has called them.  So far, Involve Church Project has developed five Core Values, with the understanding we may add more later as more people – each with their own unique skills, abilities, and passions – are added to the mix.  For now, these are the top five things we are unwaveringly committed to as a church.  They will make up the DNA of who we are and define the culture of our church.

1. Discipleship

Christians are followers of Christ. We seek to help people better follow Christ in every area of their lives. This includes helping people to understand the Bible and how to apply the truth it contains to everyday living. We also value the spiritual gifts provided to every believer in Christ upon conversion and seek to help each individual understand and use their gifts in joyful service to Christ. The ultimate purpose of Christian discipleship is to help people become more like Jesus Christ. To that end, we offer many formal and informal avenues to assist Christians in deepening their faith and walk with God. (Matthew 18:18-20)

2. Evangelism

We believe that people without ChEvangelism-660x330rist as their Savior matter deeply to God. We also believe that Christ called us to see others become followers of Him. Because of these things, we are a church that commits to individual and corporate evangelism. At the corporate level, we are continually seeking for ways to equip Christians with the tools they need to share their testimony with others. At the individual level, we challenge one another to share our testimony about the saving grace of God found in Jesus Christ. (Matthew 9:37-38)

3. Cultural Relevance

Our modern world offers a lot of avenues to gather information on how to know Jesus and live for Him. This abundance of information results in a variety of interpretations of who God is and what the Bible says. The end result is, we live in a culture that is confused about biblical truth and its application. That is why we have made it our goal to provide teaching and community that will be current with the culture while maintaining the highest respect for truth from the Bible. The challenge is, our world is ever changing. Therefore, we will constantly evaluate methods, styles and philosophies and their effectiveness for reaching people who do not know Jesus in the current culture in which we live. We commit to be uncompromising with the truth of scripture while striving to be the most effective example of how to live, honor and serve our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 9:19-23; Romans 9:1-5)

4. Authenticity

Our faith is more than a system of beliefs that result in a once a week worship service, it is a genuine conviction that impacts our lives to the very core. Striving to follow Jesus in every area of our lives, we seek to continually provide the tools needed to pursue a relationship with Jesus to better serve and honor Him as God and Lord of our lives. We are imperfect people, forgiven by a gracious God and therefore live with an attitude of gratefulness. The application of truth from the bible leads us to commit to the followiWho are you questionng:

Authentic Living – Living with God as the number one priority in our life, constantly working to put Him before our own wants and desires and humbly confessing our need for Him. Authentic Prayer – Not just a quick “thank you, Lord” as we head out the door or a “please help me” when times get tough but real, honest, consistent and thoughtful communication to God.

Authentic Community – “Hi, how are doing?” isn’t enough. We want to pursue relationships that encourage and challenge each other to a deeper relationship with God. Praying for and with one another, studying together and serving each other are a few ways to genuinely show we care. (2 Timothy 2:15)

5. Service

An engine works best when every piece does its part. So do churches. God has carefully designed every person and every church to work together to accomplish what He wants. It is important that churches avoid the spectator mentality that allows people to sit in chairs and watch what is going on around them. Each follower of Jesus must be actively involved in order to fulfill God’s design for the church. That is why we are committed to helping people be involved in the ministry and work of the church. (Romans 12:1-13)

Our Core Values

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