Introducing the Frank Family

5619345My name is Ryan and I am excited about the Involve Church Project. First, a little about me and my family. I married Rebecca, a hard working, kind hearted, soft spoken and all around incredible woman 15 years ago. We have 3 girls and 2 boys from the ages of 4 up to 13. People will often ask what I like to do for fun. My answer is anything I can do with my family. Road trips, day trips, and playing catch are just a few things we enjoy.

Since 1996 I have served in various churches, in various roles. I have enjoyed working with youth, parents, young adults and the “just older youth.” In 2005 my family moved to Cathlamet, WA to plant a church on an island in the middle of the Columbia River. It was a unique and beautiful place to live and we enjoyed the time God gave us there. In the fall of 2013 God started challenging us with the idea to plant another church, so in the spring of 2014 we moved to the Treasure Valley with the intent to one day plant a church here.

It has become clear that God is at work and it’s exciting to see Him put all the pieces together.  Luke Johnston and his family will be joining us in this venture. Luke shares some of the same passion to establish a Bible-based, evangelical church with an emphasis on involving people in ministry.  It has been said that 10% of the people do 90% of the work in the average church.  It’s our desire to turn the table and get 90% of the people active in serving.  It’s a lofty goal, but essential for a healthy church. We pray for God’s people to be involved in God’s work.

Introducing the Frank Family

One thought on “Introducing the Frank Family

  1. alpha frank says:

    We really like the fact that you are going to be bringing a new church into this area. We are looking forward to hearing more exciting plans for the future! We will be praying for you!


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